Episode 105: Greatest Hits

After 104 episodes, it's time for the Youth Ministry Podcast to release its Greatest Hits album. Today, Jake and Erik discuss their favorite episodes from the past two years and say "farewell" (for now) to this podcasting endeavor.

Episode 104: If Only I'd Known

They say hindsight is 20/20. Today Jake and Erik look through the lens of their combined 30 years experience and ruminate on what they would've told their younger selves when they were starting out in youth ministry. Also, Jake asks listeners for some help.

Episode 103: Design in Ministry

You have a lot to think about as a youth minister, and most of it is related to what's in front of your face every day: registration forms, staff meetings, lesson planning, receipts, and the clogged sink in the youth room. Who has time to consider things like user experience and graphic design? YOU, that's who! Today Jake and Erik offer some suggestions for how to step away from the daily grind and design meaningful ministry moments at your church.

Episode 102: Leaving Gracefully

Departing from a congregation is almost never easy, and yet most ministry professionals will say “goodbye” to several churches during their career. In this episode, Jake and Erik discuss ways to leave a church with grace for yourself and grace for your congregation.

Episode 101: Digital Catechism

Teens spend an average of nine hours online each day. Social media is ubiquitous. Young people and figuring out their online and in-person identities on the fly every day. How can the church support young people and their parents as they encounter the complicated and wonderful world of social media? In this episode Jake and Erik talk about their recent interactions with parents and teens on the topic of social media and offer suggestions for how to facilitate these conversations at your church.

Episode 100: 100th Episode Lock-In Spectacular

Live, from Sparkhouse Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN – it’s the 100th episode of the Youth Ministry Podcast! In this very special episode, Erik and Jake are joined by members of the Sparkhouse team to give you a look behind the scenes of the ministry of publishing. Plus they’ll give you a recap of all the shenanigans that took place during their outrageous lock-in.

Episode 99: Shared Ministry

Youth ministry isn’t something you do alone. Not only do you have leaders in your congregation to support you, but you can partner with other church youth groups for all kinds of activities. Jake and Erik discuss their experiences with shared ministry events and offer suggestions for things to consider when planning these outings, retreats, and trips.

Episode 98: Talkin' TikTok

If you’re around young people, you’ve probably heard of TikTok. In a little more than a year since it was launched, TikTok has become one of the fastest growing and most popular apps in the world. Today Jake and Erik discuss the ways youth are interacting with this video app. Then they bring on their resident expert, Erik’s teenage daughter Anna, to answer their questions and to set her father straight on a few things.

Episode 97: Road Trip

Jake and Erik took a road trip to Sparkhouse HQ to prepare for the 100th Episode Spectacular. In today’s episode they rehash what they discussed in the car, including; establishing healthy boundaries with youth, what to do when holidays conflict with church programming, and when to perform background checks for mentors.

Episode 96: Education, Continued

Youth Ministry is an ever-changing vocation. It’s important for adults to learn new ways of teaching, relating, and leading young people. There are countless ways to develop new skills for ministry—events, conferences, conventions, books, coaching, consultants, and cohorts—but which ones are right for you? In this episode Jake and Erik discuss the anatomy of a great professional development experience and offer some questions to ask before attending your next continuing education event.

Episode 95: Classroom Management

Youth ministers like to think of ourselves as a lot of things—mentors, spiritual leaders, teachers, event planners, etc. It can be tough to consider that we need to be disciplinarians, at times. Jake and Erik discuss the topic of classroom management and offer some tips for how to effectively (and graciously) curtail unhelpful student behavior.

Episode 94: Ministry Mailbag

It’s time, once again, for Jake and Erik to open up the ministry mailbag and discuss the topics you’ve suggested. Today they chat about social anxiety, parent motivation, and how to relate to the tough, perhaps bothersome kid who always shows up at youth group.

Episode 93: Bible Study

The more Bible study changes, the more it stays the same. Or does it? For a few thousand years faithful people have been studying Scripture. There are many different ways to approach this important task, but often times youth ministers feel ill-equipped to lead these conversations. Jake and Erik offer their thoughts on ways to do Bible study, but only after Jake recommends a video and Erik dives into some listener feedback.

Episode 92: Hypothetically Speaking

Youth Ministry often occurs in the everyday tasks of studying, teaching, leading, and relating. Every once in a while it’s good to step away from reality and imagine a different way of doing ministry. In this episode Jake and Erik ask each other some hypothetical questions about programming, facilities, and money—and one of them considers joining a monastery.

Episode 91: Back to School

Parents and children are getting ready to head back to school. The church program year is also starting to ramp up, which means sending out schedules, training volunteers, while preparing all the great lesson and activities. Jake and Erik check in regarding their thoughts around the back-to-school season and discuss an important article about 21st century parenting.

Episode 90: Grieving with Mike Stavlund

Why do bad things happen to people? Where is God in the midst of difficult times? How do youth ministers grieve along side people who are suffering…or are suffering themselves? Pastor Mike Stavlund joins Erik and Jake to discuss these and other profundities of pastoral care.

Episode 89: Live from Churchwide Assembly

The ELCA held Churchwide Assembly this week. Erik had an opportunity to speak with some of the youth voting members about their hopes for the future. They have some important things to say to pastors and youth ministers about what it's like to be a young leader in the church. Enjoy listening to their perspective!

Episode 88: Feelin' Campy

Church camp provides a special opportunity for young people to grow in faith, meet new people, and learn about themselves. It’s also a place where the next generation of church leaders will discover their calling in ministry. Jake and Erik wash off the bug spray and check in from Lutheran Lakeside Camp to discuss the ways congregations can make outdoor ministry an important part of their program.

Episode 87: Pop Culture Crossover: The Lion King

Ministry doesn’t happen in a cultural vacuum. Every day we are surrounded by people, art, and media which can inform our work with young people. For this reason, Erik and Jake are once again doing a Pop Culture Crossover. This time, they discuss the remake of Disney’s “The Lion King” and its implications for youth ministry.

Episode 86: Origin Story - Part Two

In the previous episode, Erik shared stories of how he discerned a call in youth ministry. This week, it’s Jake’s turn.

Episode 85: Origin Story - Part One

“You’re in ministry? Interesting! How did you get started?” People often wonder how and why someone would enter into the vocation of ministry. Some ministers can identify a major milestone which pointed them on their career path. (See: Luther, Martin) For others, the discernment came with slightly less fanfare. In this episode Jake interviews Erik about his ministry origin story and invites listeners to reflect on how they got involved in ministry as well.

Episode 84: Trip Chaperones

Youth trips and retreats are special times for young people and adults to connect with one another and with their faith. A great adult chaperone can make a huge impact on the overall success of the trip. How do you go about selecting and training the right adults for this mountaintop experience? Erik and Jake have some thoughts!

Episode 83: Volunteers

Youth ministry rarely happens without the support of volunteers. Your ability to equip these volunteers will profoundly impact young people for the rest of their lives. No pressure, right? Fortunately, Jake and Erik are here to offer their insights on how to recruit, train, and retain the adults who participate in your ministry.

Episode 82: Pre-Event Butterflies

Everyone feels a little nervous energy before a big event. Youth ministers are no exception. It may look like we thrive on chaotic events, meaningful service projects, and severe sleep deprivation – but there are a lot of logistics that go into preparing for these experiences. Sometimes the details of a big event are still in flux days (or hours) before go-time. In this episode Jake and Erik discuss the ways they’re getting their mind, body, and spirit ready for upcoming events. And one of us forgets how to spell the other guy’s name.

Episode 81: VBS

Vacation Bible School is one of the most high-profile events of summertime ministry. It’s an opportunity for the church to connect with young families and teach Bible stories in fun and creative ways. What does VBS Week mean for youth ministers? How might churches modify their VBS experiences to better meet the needs of the community? In this episode Jake and Erik take a deep dive into all things VBS and figure out how long this cultural phenomenon has been around.

Episode 80: The Dark Forest

Summer is here, which means Jake and Erik have a little extra time to read and reflect. In this episode they discuss an article called, “The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet” and its implications for youth workers. They also suggest some ways to assess the recently concluded program year.

Episode 79: Youth Ministry Pro Tips

Jake and Erik have been in youth ministry for a while—more than 25 years between them. In that time they’ve developed some habits, mindsets, and practices which have enhanced their professional experience. In this episode they offer ten pro tips for people in all stages of life and ministry.

Episode 78: Apps for Ministry

There are more than 2 million mobile apps available to the public. Many of these can be used to make your ministry life easier and more efficient. But how do you know which ones to use or how to use them? Jake and Erik (to be honest, mostly Jake) discuss some of their favorite apps and offer some practical tips for how to use these apps to enhance your ministry.

Episode 77 : Mission Trips

Summer is only a few weeks away. For many youth ministers, summer means Mission Trips. No matter if this is your first or twenty-first trip, you have a lot to keep in mind before, during, and after this experience. Jake and Erik offer their insights on effective pre-trip communication, engaged leadership during the mission trip, and healthy recuperating after you come home.

Episode 76: Pastoral Care & Confidentiality

Being in ministry often means accompanying people during difficult times in their lives. It’s an honor to be invited into these circumstances because it means you’ve earned the trust of the people in your community. But not everyone in ministry is sufficiently trained to handle all pastoral care circumstances. Jake and Erik discuss the joys and challenges of this kind of ministry, how to maintain integrity and healthy boundaries, and when it’s time to reach out for extra help.

Episode 75: Ministry Matters

Youth Ministry is important, difficult work. It’s easy to get so focused on daily tasks that you forget the ways you make a difference. This week, Jake and Erik invite you to take a deep breath and reflect on the moments your ministry inspires and encourages people.

Episode 74: Youth Committee Best Practices

Committees can be a burden and a blessing for people in ministry. Ideally, they provide accountability, support, and inspiration for staff and programs. But sometimes they feel obligatory and directionless. In this episode Jake and Erik draw on their experiences and offer some best practices for healthy youth committees.

Episode 73: Communication Dos and Dont's

Communication is a crucial element in any relationship, especially among church workers and congregation members. But how can youth ministers effectively communicate with all the people about all the things? Which forms of media are best suited for which events? How to strategies change depending on the audience? How often should you be reaching out? Jake and Erik offer their thoughts on some of their communication successes and failures. (And they crown a Youth Ministry Madness winner!)

Episode 72: The Graduate

The next several weeks are filled with “lasts” for high school seniors – exams, performances, dances, parties, and commencement. These are exciting and time-consuming experiences for your teens. How can you stay connected with kids who are busy doing important activities outside of church? Jake and Erik offer some ideas for how the church can come along side graduates and their parents to nurture them through these special moments.

Episode 71: "Nones: Ya Business"

The fastest growing religious group in America is called “The Nones” – people who self-identify as having no religious affiliation. The Nones are now the same size as Evangelicals and Catholics and twice the size of Mainline Christians. What does this mean for people in youth ministry? Jake and Erik offer their thoughts about ways to faithfully nurture young people’s faith in this current context.

Episode 70: Self-Care Check-In

These next few months can be incredibly busy and stressful for youth ministers. It’s important to take care of yourself as you prepare for Holy Week, wrap up the program year, and coordinate all the special summer events. Join Jake and Erik for a conversation about the benefits of self-care, what it is (and isn’t), and how you can begin to establish helpful habits in your daily life.

Episode 69: Ministry Mailbag

Spring is finally here, so it’s time for Erik and Jake to spring open the ministry mailbag and answer questions from you, the listener. Topics discussed include retreats, vocation, and innovation fatigue. Also, be sure to join in the fun and fill out your Youth Ministry Madness bracket.

Episode 68: Youth Ministry Madness 2019

It’s March, and that can only mean one thing. (Nope, not Lent.) Time for March Madness, baby! Sparkhouse is once again bringing you Youth Ministry Madness, a bracket-style game where you pick your favorite youth ministry clichés, leader tips, challenges, and oops. In today’s episode Erik and Jake go through each region, discuss the matchups, and make their predictions. You can participate in Youth Ministry Madness by going to go.wearesparkhouse.org/youthministrymadness.

Episode 67: SOLD! Auction Fundraisers

Like it or not fundraisers are a regular part of youth ministry. This week, Jake and Erik discuss their favorite way to generate money for youth trips: auctions. You’ll hear lots of practical advice about how to plan, promote, and implement this all-church fundraising event.

Episode 66: "Wanna Meet for Coffee?"

One of the best ways to connect with young people is to meet them in a public place like a coffee shop or bakery. Why is this approach to ministry so important? How do you go about having meaningful and grace-filled conversations with young people? And most important of all—who’s buying? Jake and Erik address these questions and more, but first they discuss a recent article about kids who are inheriting a pre-existing online identity.

Episode 65: Youth Group Fanny Pack

We’ve all had days when ministry programs don’t go according to plan. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, too few students show up, too many students show up, or maybe you didn’t have enough time to adequately prepare. This is why it’s important to have an imaginary "Youth Ministry Fanny Pack" with some no-prep, timeless tools at your disposal. In this episode Jake and Erik discuss the games, movies, and Bible study techniques they utilize when they’re in a pinch. Jake also offers insights on ways to create and organize your own youth ministry “pan-pan” list.

Episode 64: Liturgy in Youth Group

Liturgy gets a reputation for being archaic and boring, especially among young people. Church has a long history of creating traditions, rituals, and spiritual practices. Is there a place for such things in youth group? What could that look like? Jake and Erik discuss ways liturgy principles can create meaningful youth ministry experiences. They also circle back to last week’s conversation about love and discuss some recent news articles about purity culture.

Episode 63: Love is in the air

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to talk about love in youth group. What are some of the best (and worst) ways to tackle this topic? How can you include all the kids in this conversation, not just the ones interested in dating or romance? Grab your favorite translation of 1 Corinthians 13 and join Erik and Jake for a discussion that’s all about love.

Episode 62: Polar Vortex-travaganza

For many church workers, winter brings two things: nasty weather and continuing education events. This week, Jake and Erik discuss both of these topics—Jake’s experience at the ELCA Youth Ministry Network’s 2019 Extravaganza event and the recent stretch of bad weather across the country. They also reflect on establishing appropriate boundaries in youth ministry and how to employ humor (or not) in youth group.

Episode 61: Pop Culture Crossover: This Is It

Ministry doesn’t happen in a cultural vacuum. Every day we are surrounded by people, art, and media which can inform our work with young people. For this reason, Erik and Jake are trying out an every-once-in-a-while episode format called Pop Culture Crossover. This week they identify six insights for ministry in the documentary, “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” You don’t need to have seen the movie to follow along with the conversation, and you just might find yourself singing along more than once.

Episode 60: Empowering Youth to Lead

Young people aren’t just the church’s future, they are the church’s present. Congregations can benefit from the passionate enthusiasm youth have to offer. But not every church is nimble enough to enact the kind of speedy changes young people demand. How can youth ministers empower young people to lead? What are some ways congregations can be open to the ideas offered by their young members? Erik and Jake consider these questions and offer their thoughts for how youth can make their voices heard by church leaders

Episode 59: Building Trust

Public opinion of clergy has plummeted in recent years. Fewer than 40% of Americans believe pastors are honest or have high ethical standards. What does that mean for youth ministers? How can you earn the trust of your students, parents, staff, and church members? Erik and Jake (after some hand-wringing about the state of the church) offer several ways you can convey honesty and integrity in your ministry.

Episode 58: What Makes a Milestone?

Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Baccalaureate…the church performs many important rituals for young people. But what about the person who isn’t ready at the same time as their peers? How can youth ministers celebrate meaningful milestones while remaining flexible? Jake and Erik talk about ways they practice sacred traditions in their congregations. They also have a few ideas for moving milestones out of the church and into the home, neighborhood, and school.

Episode 57: New Year's Resolution

It’s time to make New Year’s Resolutions. What are your goals for 2019, and what are the odds you’ll keep these in the forefront of your thoughts for more than a few weeks? In this episode, you’ll hear Jake and Erik talk about their personal and professional aspirations for the coming year. They’ll offer ways to make reasonable resolutions and suggest strategies for avoiding the mid-February flameout.

Episode 56: Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for Erik and Jake to look back at some of the more indelible moments from 2018. How have their experiences on summer youth trips continued to bear fruit into the winter months? What are the ways popular culture influenced their youth ministry? Which apps, websites, podcasts, and books helped them connect with kids? And, is Fortnite going away anytime soon? (Spoiler: no, it’s not.)

Episode 55: O Holy Night

In the pantheon of Christmas songs, one song rises above all other songs. In this episode, Erik and Jake take a deep dive into the carol “O Holy Night.” Prepare to immerse yourselves into a wellspring of knowledge about the greatest Christmas song of all time. You can also check out Erik’s Christmas music playlist at https://blog.wearesparkhouse.org/christmas-music-playlist-all.

Episode 54: Blue Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But not everyone feels merry and bright this time of year. Jake and Erik have a complicated relationship with the seasons of Advent and Christmas. It’s a time of wonder and hope, but it can also be a time of heightened anxiety and depression. In this episode they offer suggestions to help overwhelmed youth ministers keep their heads above water and help busy kids stay connected. Also found in this episode: coffee puns and Lutheran college choir nerdery.

Episode 53: Misunderstood

People who are called to Youth Ministry wear many different hats. We are event planners, theologians, teachers, counselors, carpool drivers, pizza-ordering experts, janitors, preachers, musicians, and role models. It’s easy for parents and church members to not fully understand the complexity of our work. Today you’ll hear a dozen youth workers answer the question, “What’s one thing you wish people understood about your job?”

Episode 52: Urban Youth Ministry

What does urban youth ministry look like, and how is it different from ministry in other contexts? Jose Rodriguez and Sean Fenner, two youth workers from California who work with inner-city teens, sat down with Erik during National Youth Workers Convention to share some of the strategies they use to help urban kids in need. You’ll hear Sean and Jose discuss the joys and struggles of ministry, how to find the resources they need to reach kids, and the ways they partner with schools and other community organizations to fulfill the purposes of their ministries.

BONUS: Live from NYWC 11.16.18

We’re coming to you live from National Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis! Erik and Carla chatted with people from all over the country during the first night of the conference. If you’re attending #NYWC18 you’ll hear from several of your fellow attendees. Listeners who aren’t at the conference will get a taste of the excitement which comes when people who are passionate about youth ministry come together for education, fellowship, and renewal. Thanks to everyone who stopped to talk with us.

Episode 51: Prayer

This week Erik is joined by Jake Bouma to tackle the topic of prayer. They offer some ideas for how to demythologize this spiritual practice with young people. Topics include: null curriculum (8:00), “practice makes practice” (16:00), doodle prayer (19:00), acrostic prayer (21:30), Help, Thanks, Wow (24:20), and the Divine Hours (35:50).

Episode 50: Tales of Youth Ministry

Erik is joined by two Sparkhouse colleagues, Ben Gieseke and Kelly Bakalich, who will talk about their experiences working with kids. Ben served a couple of two-years stints in congregations while he was seminary. Kelly is a former volleyball coach and youth volunteer who led a small group in her church. Both of them discuss their motivation for getting into youth ministry, the ups and downs of church life, and what they miss most about their regular encounters with young people.

Episode 49: The Saints of Youth Ministry

All Saints Day is a Christian festival that celebrates and honors saints living and dead, known and unknown. The saints we encounter in youth ministry are volunteers, fellow ministry colleagues, parents, and even students. They make the way a little clearer, a little easier. In this episode, Bryan and Erik lift up the saints from their ministries.

Episode 48: Scariest Moments in Youth Ministry

Everybody makes mistakes. However, the mistakes we make in youth ministry can sometimes feel…unique. In this special “It’s almost Halloween” episode, Bryan and Erik talk about their scariest moments in youth ministry and wonder how they still are allowed to do this job.

Episode 47: Getting Parents Connected in Your Youth Ministry

Youth ministry doesn’t work (or at least, doesn’t work well) with a solo, lone wolf approach. You want (need?) parents to be involved in your youth ministry. But what does that look like? How much do you collaborate? When do you take the lead? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss the pros and cons of having parents connected to your ministry.

Episode 46: Social Media

Social media is everywhere, both in the lives of youth workers and in the lives of the students in their ministries. How do you navigate something that is literally everywhere? What are the best practices? What boundaries do you need to set as a youth leader? In this episode of the podcast, Bryan and Erik remember a time before social media, talk about their own practices, and discuss ways to make it an effective (and safe!) part of your youth ministry.

Episode 45: Special Civic Duty Replay: Relational Youth Ministry!

From job descriptions to youth ministry articles, the words “relational youth ministry” have become standard in the world of student ministry. But…what does it mean? Is it simply going to the mall, buying a hip pair of jeans and learning how to play the latest video game? And how do we relate to students, especially when most youth leaders are adults? Where are the danger zones? What are the benefits? And most importantly: is there a deeper meaning to this phrase that has become so prominent in youth ministry? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss about what it means to be a relational youth pastor and one of them realizes that maybe he isn’t a good youth pastor. (Spoiler: it’s Bryan)

Episode 44: Faith Formation with Young Children

Even if you don’t have ministerial responsibilities with young children, it’s important to know what’s happening with the toddler set in your church. How are their brains developing? What does it look like for younger children to do faith formation? How are the parents managing everything in their life? And finally, what is the church’s response and role? In this episode, Bryan and Erik are joined by Dr. Dawn Rundman, author of Little Steps, Big Faith: How the Science of Early Childhood Development Can Help You Grow Your Child’s Faith. Check the book out here: https://www.beamingbooks.com/shop/product/23763/Little-Steps-Big-Faith-How-the-Science-of-Early-Childhood-Development-Can-Help-You-Grow-Your-Child-Faith

Episode 43: When Your Kids are in Youth Group

If a youth worker has kids, eventually they will end up in youth group. How do we handle that transition? What are some ways to give your kid an opportunity to have a unique youth group experience without constantly being a hovering parent? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss having their kids in youth group, how to use this information to train volunteers, and remember times when they, too, were surly teenagers.

Episode 42: Questions and Doubt

We’ve all been there. The lesson is going great and then suddenly a kid asks the sort of question that makes you want to run from the room screaming. Students ask big questions. Does that mean we have to have equally comprehensive and meaningful answers? What if we don’t know the answer? In this episode, Bryan and Erik are joined by Jeremy Steele, author of All the Best Questions (and some answers too) to talk about questions, doubt, and the power of sometimes saying, “I don’t know.” You can learn more about Jeremy’s book here: https://www.beamingbooks.com/shop/product/23286/All-the-Best-Questions-And-Some-Answers-Too

Episode 41: Curriculum!

How do you choose it? How do you use it? Would it be better to just write your own? Using curriculum in youth ministry is as natural as lock-ins and lasertag, but how do you make sure your curriculum is right for your group? In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about why curriculum matters, when it’s a road block, all while trying not to be homers for their company.

Episode 40: Scheduling Conflicts

You’ve planned the perfect retreat, the sort of weekend experience that is going to change everything in the lives of your students. But then you realize…you scheduled it on the exact same weekend as the All Regional Dodgeball Competition…and nobody is coming to your retreat. What do you do? Get mad? Reschedule? Wax philosophically about the state of the church and “kids these days”? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss scheduling conflicts, what it means to communicate effectively, how to come alongside community and school events, and trying your best to not make youth ministry about you.

Episode 39: Wonder and Youth Ministry

We’ve all been there before—you’ve designed a perfect lesson. Seminary is finally paying off. You’re about to make the point you’ve been building toward all lesson when you realize…nobody is engaged. They’re staring at their phones, out the window. What happened? In this episode of the podcast, Bryan and Erik are joined by special guest Sarah Logemann to discuss the idea of wonder, how to use it in your youth group, and why it’s integral to keeping students engaged in their life of faith.

Episode 38: Mail Time Pt. 2

Bryan and Erik are opening up the mailbag a second time! In this episode, they talk about how to expand your calling, volunteer expectation, and how to keep the main thing, the main thing, and many others.

Episode 37: Mail Time

As summer winds down, Erik and Bryan open up the mailbag to answer listener questions about attendance policies, budgeting, and building momentum between middle school and high school ministries. Thanks to everyone who reached out!

Episode 36: Fortnite

By now, you’ve probably seen a kid Flossing or doing the Best Mates dance. Maybe you’ve heard a kid talk about their recent Victory Royale. Noobs. Bandies. Squads. What is all this, you ask? Fortnite! It’s a game that has taken over the culture in many ways – in both good and not-so-good ways. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss what Fortnite is, how youth workers should think about it, and are joined by two very special guests.

Episode 35: Camp Ministry

It's summer and that means one thing--church camp! If you've spent even one summer in youth ministry, you know: church camp is a big deal. For some kids, it's chance to reconnect with far off friends. For others, it's an opportunity to grow in their faith. And for most of them, it's an unforgettable experience that lasts well into the program year. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss mountain top experiences, cry nights, and one of them is coming to you live! from actual confirmation camp!

Episode 34: Recruiting, Training, and Keeping Volunteers

Whether you’re starting a new job, or have been in your position for a few years, the importance of reliable, effective volunteers can not be overstated. But how do you find people who are called to youth ministry? How do you get them onboard? What’s the best way to empower them? And what does God have to do with all of this? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss how to find, train, and keep effective volunteers.

Episode 33: Comp Time

You’re done with the mission trip – or maybe it’s camp – and it was a week full of hard work, meaningful interactions, and fun. So now it’s back to the grindstone! Unless you’re planning on taking comp time. Do you take comp time? You should be taking comp time. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss how to determine how much time to take after a trip, the reasoning behind it, and why sabbath is necessary in youth ministry.

Episode 32: Live from Youth Gathering 2018

Youth Gathering 2018 is a wrap. Bryan interviewed a bunch of participants and leaders about what they liked, how they were impacted, and why it’s important to gather 30,000 of your closest friends every three years.

Episode 31: Games!

Remember the story where Jesus and the disciples play the classic youth ministry game Sardines? While youth ministry games haven’t been around that long, there’s no denying that games are baked into the DNA of youth ministry. From icebreakers and up-front games, to dodge ball and Ultimate Frisbee, youth workers have literally thousands of choices to start or end their weekly programming. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss the good, the bad, and the messy.

Episode 30: Using (and Misusing) the Bible

Students will always have questions about the Bible and part of our job as youth workers is to help them understand, engage, and read Scripture with a certain amount of faith, knowledge, and insight. But how do we do that well? And how do we push back against less-than-helpful theologies that come at students from celebrities, pop culture, and other places? In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about reading the Bible with integrity, when and how to say, “I don’t know”, and both of them realize that, maybe, they’re not the best communicators.

Episode 29: Professional Development

Youth ministry is a professional position, despite the nights of laser tag and go-carts and pizza eating. And while some of us may have some inherent laser tag skills, there are many opportunities to grow as a youth worker in both the skills we employ and the knowledge we bring to our ministry. In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about the difference between continuing education and professional development, effective ways of developing skills in ministry, and whether you can get away with taking a class in bread baking.

Episode 28: Getting Started in a New Job (and Introducing Church Corner!)

Starting a new job in youth ministry can be like drinking from a firehose. You’re faced with new students, new coworkers, new parishioners and – naturally – new ways to lose credit card receipts. So how do you get started in a new congregation without losing the trust of the parents and volunteers? How do you set yourself up for a long and effective ministry? In this episode, Erik interviews not-so-special guest Bryan to talk about his new church job, being bi-vocational, and all the mistakes they’ve made in previous positions.

Episode 27: Science and Youth Ministry

Faith vs. Science. Creation vs. Evolution. For a while it seems that the scientific community and Christian communities have been at odds. Is that really true? Does it have to be? Young people are studying science every day in school and (hopefully) coming to church once a week. How do youth ministers engage students in conversations about science and faith without making it an either/or proposition? Dr. Andrew Root sits down with Erik to talk about his work with a Science for Youth Ministry grant, his latest book, “Exploding Stars, Dead Dinosaurs, and Zombies,” and whether or not the movie "Saved!" is as evergreen as Erik thinks it is.

Episode 26: Performance Review

Nobody wants to hear about the things they’re doing wrong. For many youth workers, that’s exactly what a performance review sounds like—a chance to get dumped on. In this episode, Bryan, Erik, and special guest, Pr. Eric Carlson, discuss why performance reviews are critical to ministry success, how to get them started in your context, and who should be doing them (hint: everyone.) Eric Carlson is Assistant to the Bishop at Southeastern Iowa Synod, ELCA.

Episode 25: Summer Ministry

Summer, summer, summertime! A time for water games, mission trips, and…well, pretty much anything you want to do, right? Well, maybe. Summer may be a time of decreased attendance, but that doesn’t mean it should lack the same quality and depth found during the program year. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss what makes a good summer ministry, how to plan it, how to mix fun and educational activities, and whether paintball should ever be on your calendar (it shouldn’t).

Episode 24: Ending the Program Year Well

From graduating seniors to confirmands and the end of youth group, the final months of the youth ministry program year is full of opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate the kids in your ministry. But how do we differentiate a graduating high school senior from a kid who just finished confirmation? Can we use budget money to buy our volunteers a thank you gift? In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about honoring students in worship, how graduation and confirmation Sunday sometimes deliver unintentional messages, and how to throw a really good end of the year party.

Episode 23: Youth Ministry Mailbag

Bryan and Erik have heard your voices and they have responded! Yes, it’s another round of Youth Ministry Mailbag, the podcast format where we take your questions and answer them live on the Youth Ministry Podcast. What do you do about noise in worship? Should you have a job description? And is it appropriate to maintain contact with members of a church once you’ve left for a new position? In this episode, Bryan and Erik style, profile, and answer your questions to the best of their ability.

Episode 22: Going on a Mission: An Interview with Dave Scherer

Dave Sherer is a hip hop artist known to many as AGAPE*. In this episode of the podcast, Bryan and Erik talk with Dave about the theology of mission trips, ways to prepare your group for the experience, and how to avoid some of the common mission pitfalls. Learn more about Dave’s ministry at www.hiphopoutreach.com.

Episode 21: When it's Time to Leave

Leaving a ministry position is never easy. Breaking the news to students, families, and other staff members is hard, as is the process of interviewing and starting at a new position. How we discern when it’s time to leave – what we’re being called to – is important for not only our health, but health of the congregations we’re leaving. So how do we know when it’s time to leave a church? How do we value and advocate for ourselves in the job search process? How do we sift through the various job advertisements to find one that will complement our gifts and experiences? In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about changing roles, how to communicate openly and honestly, red flags in a job search, and one of them realizes people listen to this podcast.

Episode 20: Transitions in Ministry

Rachel Kurtz is a Minneapolis-based songwriter, performer, and recording artist. She shares personal testimonies of tragedy and triumph with a vulnerability that captivates her audience. In this episode, Rachel sits down with Erik to discuss life as a single mom, the ups and downs of being a traveling musician, and what it’s like to change direction and expand her audience in the middle of her career. Check out her latest album, “Love, Rachel Kurtz” at rachelkurtz.com.

Episode 19: Discipleship in Youth Ministry

Discipleship is a word that is often used in youth ministry circles. But what does it mean? How do we make it a part of our ministries? And how do we tap into a word that has such diversity of meaning and practice? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss how to get kids to take ownership of their faith, the risks involved with doing so, what a theological tool kit looks like, and – naturally –NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live.

Episode 18: Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera that has inspired and excited audiences for close to fifty years. Following the passion narrative, Jesus Christ Superstar gives us an opportunity to experience that story in a different way. But what does it say to students? How can we use it in youth ministry? Should we use it in youth ministry? In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about how Jesus Christ Superstar impacted their lives, discuss where it goes wrong theologically, and try not to act like fanboys.

Episode 17: March Madness: Youth Ministry Cliches

Youth ministry is full of clichés, some true, some more myth than fact, and others we maybe wish weren’t as personally convicting. From Youth Group Name Acronyms (C.H.A.O.S) to Side Hugs and the phrase, “No Purpling” we have a unique (and sometimes confounding) language to describe youth ministry. In this episode, Bryan Bliss, Erik Ullestad, and special guest, Jake Bouma, discuss the Final Four of Sparkhouse’s Best (or worst?) Youth Ministry Cliché bracket, how hard it is to keep up with church credit card receipts, and why kids should S.M.Y.L.E. more. To vote on the final four: http://youth-ministry-cliches.webflow.io

Episode 16: Holy Week and Youth Ministry

Holy Week is coming. What are you going to do with your students? Whether it’s a passion play, stations of the cross, or even a 30 Hour Famine-like simulation, giving students an opportunity to understand and experience the highs and lows of the passion narrative is a fundamental part of youth ministry each year. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss six practical ways to help students engage with Holy Week and offer up a challenge to listeners. To submit your joke, go to: www.ympodcast.com/contact

Episode 15: Competing with Sports

Every youth worker has grumbled about basketball tournaments on Sunday mornings or show choir concerts on Wednesday nights. The culture no longer props up the church by encouraging people to attend worship and not scheduling anything that conflicts with church activities. As youth workers, how do we respond? Do we keep grumbling? Or do we innovate? And if we do change, does that mean basketball and church are equal? Has church become an extra-curricular activity? In this episode, Bryan and Erik talk about Gloria Lee’s article, “You Can’t Compete With Sports”, think about the practical and theological implications, and one of them gets a surprise phone call.

Episode 14: Listener Mailbag

How do you deal with unruly students? What’s the difference between expectations and requirements? Does a kid need to go to confirmation in order to make a public declaration of faith? And what makes a youth worker, a youth worker? In this week’s special mailbag episode, Bryan and Erik answer listener questions, confront a quandary, and wonder how they survived having small children (one word: Doodlebops.)

Episode 13: Facing Tragedy in Youth Ministry

The brokenness of the world is not hidden from our students. They see it in their communities, the schools, and in their daily lives. As youth workers, we have the opportunity to walk alongside students as they think about, talk through, and begin to understand tragedy and suffering. We offer not only an attentive ear, but also a reminder of God’s presence in the world—of the Kingdom of God. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss a youth worker’s role in navigating tragedy, offer tips on ways to think about that response both theologically and practically, and struggle to answer the big question: why?

Episode 12: Ministry Among Kids with Disabilities

All Are Welcome! Really? Often times churches fall short in their ability to truly welcome people with disabilities. What barriers exist in youth ministry for kids with physical, intellectual, or emotional disabilities? In this episode, Erik interviews Molly Beck Dean, veteran youth minister and current Director of the ELCA Youth Gathering, for an honest conversation about common misconceptions about relating to people with disabilities, offers some ideas for how congregations can be a safe and welcoming place for everyone, and discusses life as a parent of a child with Joubert Syndrome.

Episode 11: Enneagram and Youth Ministry Part 2

Every student who comes into your youth group is different and knowing these differences—knowing some of the background personality traits that may or may not affect behavior—can be an important part of youth ministry. In this episode, Bryan and Erik are joined by Carla Barnhill to discuss typical youth group kids, the higher calling of youth ministry, and who is Carla’s favorite.

Episode 10: Enneagram and Youth Ministry Part 1

There are plenty of – ahem – personalities in your youth group. Quiet kids, sporty kids, and of course the “Ooh-ooh! I know the answer, please pick me!” kid. Each comes to youth group with their own set of aspirations, insecurities, and personality quirks. But how do we make sure this socially diverse group of kids all feel engaged, welcomed, and loved? How do we balance the “too cool for youth group” student with the “excited to be here” student? In this episode, Bryan and Erik are joined by special guest, Carla Barnhill, to discuss the Enneagram personality inventory, why it is important for youth workers, and how Carla is the boss.

Episode 9: To Party or Not to Party, that is the Question

The Super Bowl is not a part of the liturgical year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have an impact on your youth ministry calendar. Each year, youth workers face a question: should we have a Super Bowl party or should we have youth group? And if we do have a Super Bowl party, what makes a good one? Where are the potential moments of tension for both students and parents? And how many pizzas should I order for 15 hungry teenagers? In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss how to throw a meaningful party, whether you need to have a spiritual component, and realize they may have alienated a potentially important podcast sponsor.

Episode 8: Fundraising without Losing Your Soul

We’ve all been there before. You want to take your students on a trip that will give them life experience, provide opportunities for transformation, but need to make sure it happens for less than $250 per student. Whether it’s mission trips, church camp, or a fun ski outing—trying to fund these youth ministry staples can be a challenge. How do you do it effectively? When should you ask the parents to kick in? Students? Should the church finance these trips? And maybe most importantly: is youth ministry a never-ending capital campaign? In this episode, Bryan and Erik think about what makes fundraising necessary, moments when it shouldn’t be, and one of them admits to 15 years of consternation.

Episode 7: Child Safety Policies

Church should be a safe place for everyone—especially children and youth. There are lots of ways to make our buildings and events safe for kids, but having a thoughtful and robust child protection policy is integral to that work. In today’s episode, Bryan and Erik will discuss what makes a good policy, how to get the conversation started in your congregations, and the inevitable gray areas that will need navigating.