Episode 3: Youth Ministry Lesson Planning (No, Really)

People may think youth ministry is a never-ending string of go-cart rides, laser tag battles, and games of dodgeball. (Think about how glorious that would be…) But in reality, a healthy youth ministry is filled with teaching and other discipleship activities—all of which require a solid map. As youth workers, knowing where you’re going in a lesson is invaluable. And knowing how to write an effective lesson plan will make your life as a youth worker much easier. In this episode, Bryan and Erik discuss the holy lesson plan and realize they aren’t good with metaphors. NOTES: Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan — Anticipatory Set – review previous lesson, icebreaker, visual prompt, Objective and Purpose – “today we’re going to ______”,Input – leader conveys information, Modeling – show students what you’ve just taught, Checking for Understanding – “are you with me?”, Guided Practice – students put learning into action, with supervision, Independent Practice – students put learning into action, w/o supervision, Closure – “what did you learn today?”